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Banana Bread

Also, in other news, my search for the best ever banana bread is officially over. This recipe in the best ever series on A Cup of Jo from Joy the Baker officially takes the cake (‘scuse the pun). For goodness sake, click the link and make it this week, I mean, it has bourbon and chocolate chips, do you need any other reason?

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Birthday Cake omnomnomnom

THE cake

THE cake

I made this scrumptious thing in honour of my sister’s 17th birthday, cos she’s fab. A birthday always deserves cake and this time my sister Ellie and I decided to try something a lil’ different from our usual family tradition of chocolate icing. COOKIES AND CREAM FROSTING from always with butter– she’s fantastic, check her out! So, this icing will clog up your arteries and shock you with how many cookies you will be blitzing, but it’s so damn good! You get that very moreish salty sweet flavour from the cookies in a delicious buttery, melt in your mouth icing. We definitely ate too much while making it. It was also very exciting to ‘properly’ ice a cake- I used Smitten Kitchen’s tips and I can’t recommend them enough for getting perfect icing (I’m a perfectionist, it matters a lot to me, ok?). I pretty much jumped for joy when I managed it (actually my sister did, cos I was too busy freaking out).

I had to put in a large photo because you also need to see the decorations that we put on top of the icing- as if we needed anymore sweetness. Let’s be honest, cake decorating is pretty much the best bit. None of us could finish our pieces of cake- it was SO rich and then we felt a little ill in a satisfying way and I had to have TEA QUICK. wahey! Cake was served with raspberry coulis, another family tradition and I shall share mum’s recipe- it’s dead easy:

Raspberry coulis

500gm frozen raspberries

Icing sugar to taste

Let raspberries defrost. Next grab a sieve and put that over a medium sized bowl. Put the defrosted raspberries into the sieve and mush them through. You may want to do this in batches  as you will have quite a few raspberries (yussss). When you have done that, you will be left with a bright, crimson sauce. To that sift in a tablespoon of icing sugar at a time and whisk in to mix – taste after every addition til it is sweet enough for ya. Personally, I like it nice and tangy, up to you though.

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