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Vege feast!

Again in the bleak midwinter I made a vege feast for ma famille. What we have here is a mushroom and cabbage galette courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. I completely and utterly recommend that you follow her pastry recipe. The result is gorgeous, rich yet light pastry that melts in your mouth. It is delicate and the perfect casing for the mushroomcabbage party! The horseradish cream to go with it is well worth making, too.

The rest of the plate consists of spinach quickly cooked with some garlic and a warm, roast vege salad. For this, I just roasted some parsnips, carrots, yams, kumara and fennel (yum yum!) until scrumptiously soft with some garlic roasting in there as well and a drizzling of balsamic and olive oil. When it had finished doing its merry cooking thang, I simply chucked it around in a bowl with some crumbled feta. Eeeeasy and filling and delishimo! Try it, do try it- also roast vege salad is a good cheap student dish, yay! Would also be good with some orange juice squeezed over the top methinks, cos yeah Vitamin C!! See this post on My New Roots for info on how good carrots are (also an amazing meal, do try it). GET IT IN YA.




I can’t get this┬ásong out of my head! I think it suits the hot weather and also the misty, humid weather we’ve been having recently.


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