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I get very sick of sandwiches. And usually I am not organised enough to prepare salads the night before or in the morning. This salad was so easy though and delicious! Something that I might be able to face making late the night before because it’s quick, looks good, tastes better.



So pretty much you just cook up some frozen peas, drain, add some crumbled feta, thyme, finely chopped onion (or spring onion) with a bit of dressing and voila! Vinaigrette, 1T olive oil, 1/2 lemon, bit of dijon mustard, season and mix.

Eeeeeaassssyyyyyy peeeeeaaassssyyyyy! Expect to see more lunchbox and dinnerbox posts. Shift work is a killer and buying food is just not feasible. Plus, I really love cooking and resent paying $9 for a bad salad.