Sunday Dinners

Roast chicken with chorizo, olives and sherry

My family has reinstated a Sunday Dinner tradition. I have some sort of memories of having Sunday lunch for a while when we first moved to Wellington. I remember Minestrone in the ‘good’ china bowls and sunshine flooding the dining table. I have no idea whether this really happened or not, whether there was even sunshine, but it must be one of those very happy childhood memories. In recent years we started having Sunday roasts and now Mum and Dad like to spend Sunday evenings trying out new recipes or making family favourites that take time to prepare and cook. I love that Mum even says to me that she doesn’t want to go out on Sunday evenings because   of “our Sunday dinner thing”.

I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago for a Sunday dinner. Really, it is so simple that you could make it any day of the week.

I’m posting a link to this recipe, because I think that everyone should check out the beautiful blog, trotski & ash, where it comes from.

The chicken is melt in your mouth with crispy skin- perfection. What essentially is a poaching liquid in the pan is magnificent, so perfumed with lemon and oregano. I really cannot wait to make this again. The recipe serves 4 hungry people easily and also gave me dinner the following 2 nights. I served this with cous cous and a simple green salad of rocket with shaved parmesan and a drizzle of some fruity olive oil.

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