I. Love. Brunch. I had also forgotten the joy of scrambled eggs, how could I have ever done this?! Well, learning how to poach an egg properly had a large part to do with this. However, I shan’t neglect this eggy delight again in a jiffy! I love the texture of scrambled eggs, the soft savoury flavour, the mellow, yellow lying on buttered toast.

This is how I had my eggs the other day:


Served on crunchy sourdough with sliced avocado, a squeeze of lemon and some hot sauce. Avo and scrambled eggs was not the best combination as both are very silky soft. So, off came the avocado and I had myself a delicious side dish with my eggs.

I make my scrambled eggs like this:

Melt a good sized knob of BUTTER in a frypan over a medium-low heat. In a bowl crack two eggs and two capfuls of milk per person. Add a decent pinch of sea salt and lashings of pepper. Next grab a fine grater and grate in some parmesan or cheddar, about a small handful. Adding in fresh herbs at this stage is great, too. I find that this makes the eggs particularly tasty and silky. When the butter has melted add eggs and push them from side to side until nearly set, but do not wait until all the liquidy egg is gone because they keep cooking once you have taken them off the heat. Slip the eggs onto your toast of choice and garnish with whatever you wish and eat!

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