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This was wonderful, you should all read it.


Pastel tres leches

Cake GLORIOUS cake

Yesterday, my friend Thomas and I had to make a cake for the annual choir party. We decided that this could not just be any cake for such an occasion and that this cake must be a ‘winner’. Thankfully, I found this gorgeous recipe on the nook eatery blog (check it out!).

Turns out that sometimes you should read recipes before trying to complete them under any sort of time pressure (or while having some sneaky Kir Royales). Hence,  we did not have enough time to really soak the cake and refrigerate it. However, there was time to ‘sample’ the soaking syrup, try and hold yourself back, it’s impossible!! There was also panicking when there was much to much syrup to fit into the cake… it got in there in the end. This did not hold the cake back from being delicious and much talked about- proud faces!!

The cake itself was light and spongy, with the centre being incredibly moist and creamy, without being to heavy. The icing was fun to play with and made me feel like I was in a fancy cake shop while spreading it on the cake creating whirls and swirls. It tastes like fairy food, so light and fluffy and sweet without being cloying and overpowering. Funtimes were had by all.

Next time I will add a little elderflower cordial to the soaking syrup because it’s my favourite thing and would go very nicely with all that sweetness.


This awesome blogger Jessica Stanley has played a game called ‘Currently’ for the past year. Currently means currently reading and she kept track of all the books that she has read in the past year with the tag ‘currently’, simply to encourage herself to read again. Now, she has invited other people to join her, so I thought great! I am sharing some of the feelings she mentions about not finding the time to read. As a kid and teenager, I read voraciously. I devoured books, I would forget to eat because I was to busy gorging myself on literature. I had to take at least 8 books with me on week-long beach holidays. My world was centred on reading.

Then I hit university and got wireless internet. Slowly, my reading of books ground to a halt. I was too busy reading blogs and news sites. Not to mention the stacks of journal articles and textbooks- they swamped me. Before I knew it, I was mourning the loss of reading. Don’t get me wrong, I hadn’t gone off books or anything, I just didn’t think that I had the time.

Time for change now and time for action! I am playing ‘currently’ to help me read again. There is no pretense to this and I don’t much care whether anyone thinks the books I read are ‘good’ or not (though, I am a bit of a snob). Plus this list will almost certainly include Harry Potter at some point, perhaps to comfort me round exams.

Righto, nuff talking! Here is my first book, weeee!